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Majestic Gym

After a month of going regularly, I approached the owner of my current gym and proposed a brief video marketing plan for his business that me and my friend would work on. It was decided that a free pass for 7 days could be implemented to bring new customers in. 

We then collected A- Roll and B- Roll in to get great transition shots to promote the gym as a serious communal space that helps new members to reach their bodybuilding goals. A big problem we found out that the gym faced was that people were intimidated by joining it as a lot of members were muscular bodybuilders. Our aim was to change that image in their minds.

As a result of this, we created a new cover photo video, logo animation & a sponsored engagement advert with paid facebook advertising sponsorship to attract long term clients. 

We started by designing an animated logo that would give the gym consistent branding to build upon with their video content.

The next step was to create a new cover photo video that would utilise this new branding and to push the new proposition of Majestic gym being a friendly yet serious hub for bodybuilding in Dorset.

After this, I created an engagement advert 

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